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I work as a front of house volunteer once a week and meet many interesting visitors from all parts of New Zealand and the world.

However, my chosen area is Conservation of fabrics and garments. It is very much a huge learning curve for me but I accept the challenge to preserve the items that are donated to the museum.

My Mother was meticulous when laundering and caring for our family clothes and I was taught from an early age to identify the fabrics and how to treat them.

This my passion, and privilege is to work with the priceless treasures relating to the history of our Katikati settlement and region.

                                                                                                                                              Margaret McClymont - Conservation

To be retired and find three things I love doing all under the one roof is very special. That roof belongs to the museum. 
Here I can combine my love of acting by being the strict, strap wielding teacher, with my love of teaching young children about the history of Katikati. I believe strongly in children learning through doing and having fun while they learn, so my role in the museum classroom fulfils all those criteria.  
Researching the history of my town and writing about it, either as a document for the museum, or in the form of a play for our local theatre group to perform, is my special joy. I have helped dramatise local events and the lives of famous (and infamous) locals, bringing history to life for audiences to enjoy.  I’ve lived in Katikati for 35 years, with my husband John, bringing up our daughter Kate here. I am a 68 year old retired primary school teacher, refusing to retire I suppose. 
                                                   Di Logan - School Mistress

I am working in the museum to get more hands on experience in artefact analysis, research and the display of museum pieces. All the experience I gain here will be significantly beneficial to my future in the field of archaeology. 

I think museums are an important aspect of our culture and they are excellent tourist attractions. Providing us with glimpses of the past and helping understand where we come from. They also help ignite the curiosity of the next generation, encouraging them to learn and to seek knowledge. Showing them that learning can be fun and exciting….Just think of the first time you saw a real tyrannosaurus rex skull!

                                                                                                                                              Tim Searancke - Front of House (Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and History)


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